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About Us
We at HRG Solutions work as an aspiring team to help sustainable thinking minds put their thoughts into reality.
We provide a world-class product along with user-friendly maintenance services.

We help people to put their foot towards a healthy living, penny pitching, and earth-friendly lifestyle.

This HOMEBIOGAS patented technology presents a portfolio of different sizes of
high-end biodigesters, designed for easy assembly, long durability, and effectiveness.


Ketan Suresh Jadhav

Marketing Head

A young and ambitious engineering mind with specialization in construction and civil work.

He has successfully completed Bachelor's of Engineering in Civil from AISSMS College of Engineering Pune.

He have also accomplished Master's in Business Management from NICMAR ( National Institute of Construction Management and Research )

an esteemed college in the field of Construction Management Studies.


Suresh Jadhav

Technical advisor


 Efficiently managing the India’s first large scale Biogas and Bio CNG generation plant, working closely on Quality and Marketing of them products.

Specialised in Biogas upgradation, BioCNG distribution,   logistics and consumer point installations.

 Expertise in Civil Contracts & Project Developments, for Biogas, BioCNG, Bio-Fertilizer and Sewage water treatment.


 Legaling & Licensing Consultant with vast experience in Indian topographic conditions and requirements.

 Dedicated Adviser for Plant Construction, Plant operation and Plant Logistics.


Ranjeet Rajaram Kale


He is a Computer Networking System Designer,expertise in implementation of networking hardware by profession.


A brilliant knowledge  in the field of physics along with Bachelor of Science in Physics . 


Currently working as Administrator for solid Waste Management & Biogas Plants.

Expertise in installation and product marketing of domestic bio-gas plants.


Jörg Grondke

Technical advisor & Support 

He is a Biogas specialist, with vast experience in Civil Engineering, Construction, Execution and Installation of Biogas plants.

He has played a crucial and leading role in optimizing industrial Biogas plants and Biological Process Control with dedication for maintenance and sustainability.

Since 2005 he is developing and optimizing equipment & plant components for biogas plants and substrate conditioning.

Successfully embarking  plants all over the world, so as in Germany, UK, Cuba, Costa Rica, Thailand, Australia & India.


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